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Llanelli Steelers vs Pontypridd Panthers


Steelers 42 - Panthers 48

First home game of the season with the mixture of old and new faces from the Steelers taking on the experienced and physical team of Pontypridd Panthers.

A close game throughout which could have gone either way.

The final score of Steelers 42 and Panthers 48 shows promise for the season to come with some lessons to learn but some great positives, especially the team ethos and game play from the steelers.

Quarter breakdown:

1. Steelers 10 Panthers 8

2. Steelers 8 Panthers 13

3. Steelers 17 Panthers 22

4. Steelers 7 Panthers 5

Close throughout with the Panthers using their slim lead to slow down the play and run down the clock in the final quarter leaving the Steelers frustrated but beaten at the end.

Scorer breakdown on the night:

Name Shirt No. Score
lynch f 15 14
rai a 23 11
thomas c 26 3
henderson p 32 6
gishkeluk m 3 8

Great Team effort, great building block for the season to come

Go Steelers


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