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Steelers Tears of Fury and Frustration

Author: Karl Abraham, 23/10/17

Sweets MVP 22.10

Llanelli Steelers @ Newport Fury (2nds), The John Frost School, Dyffryn, Newport - 22/10/17 Match Report

Starting 5

Adam Raprager [1], Josh Thacker [2] Lee Sweetland [3], Carwyn Thomas [4], Frank Lynch/ Coach [5]

John Cascano, Karl Abraham/ Assistant Coach

Prior to game 3 for the Steelers, Llanelli were dealt a blow in Wyn (Espies) deciding to part with the Steelers and a freak training accident to Max (Gishkelyuk) and several other players unable to travel meant that the Steelers travelled with depleted numbers.

Undeterred, yet still brimming full of confidence from an unbeaten start, the Steelers went into the game with high-hopes and Spurred on from the sideline by Max!

Fury opened the scoring, however, it was the Steelers that got into an early flow and took the game to Newport. By the 7th minutes the Steelers score was 4-12, having visited the free-throw line 4 times and 3 from Carwyn. Sweets too looked in fine form driving down in the ‘paint’. However, it wasn’t the Steelers offence that was impressive, but the pressure applied onto Fury’s guards that either resulted in a turnover or Josh and Adam disposing the opposition. This continued consistently for the Steels all the way through the 1st quarter (6-16)

By the second quarter, Newport had wised-up to the defence thread from the Steelers with both team displaying some great defence in the second quarter, with John and Karl taking to the court to firm-up the Steelers zone defence. So much so, baskets went pound-for-pound ensuring the Steelers retained their lead. The second quarter ended (15-23)

With some assessments from the 1st half by Max and Frank. The Steelers returned to the courted re-energised. Although the game re-started with Newport opening up with a 3-pointer and whilst Sweets and Carwyn continued to take majority of the Steelers baskets in the 3rd Quarter, it was the Fury that were on the ascendancy! Both Sweets and Carwyn were continually reward for their driving efforts with contact in the paint, however, the Steelers were unable to capitalise on both free-throw shots. The other end however, Newport worked Steelers zone defence around and managed to break through on several occasions and also conceding a few 3-pointers  with the 3rd quarter finishing at (41-36)

Ensuring motivation was held-high, Frank reminded the team of the previous success which resulted from hard work and simple basketball. a new tired, yet motivated Steelers start the 4th quarter off with a basket again from Carwyn. Frank too was able to post up whilst the Sweets and Carwyn show were unrewarded for their drive in the paint in the 4th quarter. Like the second quarter baskets were falling basket-for-basket in the forth ensuring that Newport maintained their lead. The Steelers took a timeout with 2 minutes to go following Sweets 2 converted free throws (53-44). With instruction from Frank being cool heads and take good baskets, the Steelers went back on court knowing what they had to score some baskets and apply the pressure defence on a frail transition offence. And that’s exactly what happened. Josh and Adam applied pressure and were able to progress up court, and pass the ball quickly along the 3-point line to an open John who to a rare 3 and was able to convert! Newport feared a comeback and took their own time out to make some changes to counter the Steelers. But yet again the pressure from Llanelli resulted in another turnover and Adam was able to free Carwyn, who drove drown the line and got fouled and unable to convert the baskets, again Steelers capitalised on some hard work in defence and this time John was fouled from a layup attempted with the ball spinning out of the basket! John made his first, with the second rebounding and Sweets able to take the ball in the except Fury swarmed Sweets and were able to intercept the ball to progress and make their own lay up. With less than a minute on the clock, Carwyn received the pass from some quick transition and shot a deep 3 - converted! But on the shot, Carwyn’s leg cramped up and the refs stopped play to allow a substitution, with only seconds left Fury held onto the ball and let the clock run down. Game finished 53-51

Sweets - 18 (MVP)
Carwyn - 17
Frank - 7
Josh Th. - 5
John - 4



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