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Steelers vs Newport Fury


Steelers lose 54 to 88

Llanelli Steelers vs Newport Fury

Steelers lose 54 to 88

First game after the festive season saw both teams give there all with the inevitable after math of season celebrations taking their toll.

The first two quarters were a close affair with only 2 points in the game after the first quarter and a 9 point lead to Newport after the second.

The third quarter took a turn with Newport pushing the man on man defence, closing down the point guards and minimising Steelers scoring opportunities. Mistakes from the Steelers saw Newport put on another 13 points, taking their lead to 22 going into the fourth.

The fourth quarter saw Steelers make more unforced mistakes and the game fell into a scrimmage with back to back baskets, attempted showboating and more unforced mistakes from Steelers.

A small home team from the Steelers took its toll in the third and the fourth quarters, with tired legs and festive season fitness levels also having an effect.

Cameron was Steelers MVP.

Quarter Breakdown

Qtr 1 – Steelers 15 – Newport 17

Qtr 2 – Steelers 14 - Newport 21

Qtr 3 – Steelers 10 – Newport 23

Qtr 4 – Steelers 15 – Newport 27

Team Score Breakdown

Wez 21 2
John 4 2
Cameron 8 4
Frank 15 20
Jonathen 12 0
Arun 23 2
Josh 30 8
Paul 32 16

A solid team effort for those that made the match, a bigger squad would have enabled the Steelers to push the score closer if not push for a win. Lessons to be learned and on to the next challenge.

Go Steelers


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