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Team & Game Etiquette


How players and coaches should act and behave whilst representing Llanelli Steelers

As a team, the first thing that is done when arriving at home fixtures are the following...

  • Set up hoops (if not already in place)
  • 10 chairs either side for home and away
  • Table in middle with 2 chairs behind and 4 chairs(2 either side of table) for subs
  • All players need to go to table and pay dues
  • Give shirt number and full name for the officials to enter you on the scoring sheets
  • Coach needs to tell table starting 5 and captain

NB. Do not go anywhere near the table bar to sub; if subbing, sit on the sub chairs either side of table. Throughout game you cannot stand 1.5 meters either side of the table. The table officials need to see game to be able officiate.

Post game; all chairs, the table(s), to be put back. All rubbish collected and if time shoot hoops!


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